Phipps NBC
Phipps NBC

Although the newest Phipps NBC signage will be over 40 years old and many are much older, there are still echoes of the company's past scattered around the area it once dominated. This page contains images of buildings, signs and items that are still out there advertising the belief that Phipps was beer and that NBC radiated good cheer.

We know there are many more survivors out there so if you know of one, why not photograph it and send it in to us and we'll post it here.

The White Hart Inn on Bridge St. with the superb P.Phipps mosaic. For a long time this was the brewery social club.
The Fox and Hounds Northampton, selling Phipps NBC again today
The Plough Inn and the Malt Shovel, Bridge St.
The Malt Shovel's neon NBC Star at night
The NBC Social Club, recently removed
1930s NBC star on the parapet of The Boston, College St, formally the Criterion
A painted sign on the rear of the Bar and Wickets overlooking the Racecourse, selling Phipps draught today
A former Off licence in Phippsville
The same site from the front, the NBC sign just readable in the middle
The Sir Pickering Phipps pub, Wellingborough Rd.
Memorial Plaques to Pickering, Mary and their son Pickering Phipps, St. Mathews, Phippsville
Latimer and Crick's warehouse, corn merchants who supplied the Bridge Street Brewery
The brewery on Bridge St. today, not Phipps but Carlsberg
The Bridge Street Offices, the only part of the Phipps NBC brewery to remain in use today
Ratliffe and Jeffery's Albion Brewery on Kingswell St. This is the last surviving old brewery building in the town.

Bought by Phipps in 1899, regular brewing ended in 1903 but it was retained and maintained for storage and occasional brewing at times of high demand until 1919. Following the removal of the brewing gear it became a sweet and tea factory for the James brothers then a tannery run by the Teesdales. This section of the building is the 1883 addition to the 1863 original which has been demolished and the site redeveloped into Aspers Casino seen behind.

Higham Hill off licence, the aluminium NBC star survived above the door until last year, now its place is marked by the un-painted star shape
Pre War Phipps Diamond Ale enamel sign on Rushden Station

A former P.Phipps pub on the main road with Phipps and Ratliffe painted signs still visible
"Ratliffe's Stout" and "P.Phipps & Co"
Pre Ratliffe's take over sign with Phipps's selling their own stout

Husbands Bosworth
P. Phipps painted sign

The Scotgate, the freeze dates the building to the time when the first Pickering's two grandsons ran the business, Pickering 2 and Richard, between 1868 and 1880

Blandford Forum
Mash Tuns from the demolished Bridge Street Brewery still brewing beer today at Hall and Woodhouse's Badger brewery. Thanks to Bruce from Frog Island Brewery for spotting these.

Here and There
Dorothy the 1900 Thornycroft steam wagon used by NBC before WW1. She was named after the dray horse she replaced. Restored in 1959 by John Crawley, Phipps NBC helped with the work and their name was painted on the sides. Clearly she was kept up to date with the 1964 name change but this has remained her livery since.
An NBC Scamell Mechanical Horse now owned by Rushden Historical Transport Soc.
Archimedes, formerly Phipps NBC's Barleycorn. Rebuilt as a diesel, coal and gas tender and actually doing more real work than in its later days as the brewery's trip boat.
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Phipps NBC, P Phipps & Co, Ratliffe and Jeffery, Hoggleys and the Phipps NBC star are Registered Trademarks of Phipps Northampton Brewery Company Ltd.