Phipps NBC
Phipps NBC
Phipps NBC, The Albion Brewery, 54 Kingswell St. Northampton, NN1 1PR, UK

Latest Update, December 2016

The Albion Brewery is brewing beer again for the first time since 1919

The Albion Brewery Bar opened in summer 2015 and is now open from Tuesday to Saturday

Restoration work has started on other parts of the building with a venue planned for the 1st Floor

Phipps IPA, Red Star, Ratliffe's Stout, Diamond Ale, Gold Star, Bison Brown & Stingo have all returned

 New seasonal brews Steam Roller, Midsummer Meadow and permanent Beckets Honey Ale are now available

Hoggleys full range of Albion brewed bottled ales and stout is now available again with casks on the bar too

Phipps Kingswell Gin and Sloe Gin is distilled and bottled in the brewery to our own recipe

Special Winter brews Cascadia and Black Star have been added to our range

Bottles, poly pins and casks, trad or bright, can be bought from the bar

Brewery tours and special events in the brewhouse can be booked.

Watch this space for further updates
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