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The Albion Brewery and its bar is open for brewery tours. Sample our wonderful range of  ales, ancient and modern, follow the brewing process and learn a few of Phipps’ secrets, then wander through the tunnels and cellars under the building, see the King’s Well where the finest water in the area has attracted brewers for centuries.


Call 01604 946606 or email contactus@phipps-nbc.co.uk for details and dates.

The Albion Brewery Bar is situated in the old Phipps Brewery building at the bottom of Bridge Street and provides the perfect showcase for the resurgent Phipps NBC and a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy our range of award winning beers.


Not only can you sit down with one of the finest pints of ale in the whole county but you can enjoy a wide variety of live music most weekends showcasing a whole host of the finest talent Northamptonshire and beyond have to offer making this a vibrant and exciting place to spend your weekends.

Taste our Beers and Gins. Phipps Ales are available in 4.5, 9 or 18 gallon casks to the trade or for private customers with stands and taps. Wel also sell 10 litre (18 pint) and 20 litre (36 pint) polypin boxes.

All of these can be ordered rack bright to serve straight away withough settling.

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