Why produce Gin?

Phipps bottled its own London Dry Gin until the beginning of WW2 so reviving this spirit goes hand in hand with the rebuilding of the company’s brewing range. Our Head Distiller Quentin Neville was a founding partner of the revived Phipps NBC and has a true passion for “Mothers Ruin”.

9 months of distilling and a lot of feedback from trials in our Albion Brewery Bar resulted in our first commercial Gin in June 2015. We could have simply bought in Gin and labelled it Phipps but that’s not how we work as authenticity is a guiding principal of the business.

How we make our Gins


We charge our Alembic pot with organic alcohol as well as using Laboratory Glass distillation techiques to extract the essential oils and flavours before blending with Northamptonshire Water.

The key to our process lies in the blend of botanicals used to make our Gins, maceration time, distilling and cutting the hearts to produce harmonious balance of flavours that are individual & exceptional.

Phipps Kingswell Gin.JPG

Named after the mediaeval well in our cellar which also gives its name to the street on which our brewery sits. It is a classic London Style Dry Gin with a robust profile: Strong flavours come through from the Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger and Nutmeg balanced with the pine wood taste of Juniper and Angelica, Liquorice, Lemon, Orange, Coriander vie for attention while Orris Root and Lavender give floral hints, Cubeb Pepper is there to add a subtle peppery finish. One of our key ingredients is Cascade Hops borrowed from our brewer’s hop store, offering some bitterness and as adding an underlying citrus taste.

Opening the Bottle

A strong citrus scent subsides upon tasting, giving way to a strong spice & piney juniper and a touch of pepper.

Serve neat over ice, or as a mixer with Fever Tree Tonic. Slice of Lime. Elderflower tonic can also bring different botanicals to the fore.

Phipps Oak Aged Gin.JPG

This gin take us back to the early days of our industry when everything had to be stored in cellars in Wooden Barrels. Oak develops unique notes of wood and moves towards to a slight Whiskey profile complementing our Kingswell Gin.

Opening the Bottle


Oak, Vanilla & Caramel scent subsides maintains upon tasting, giving way to a strong spice & piney Juniper and a touch of Pepper and finishes with Oak again.

Serve neat over ice, or as a mixer with ginger beer. Slice of Orange

Phipps Raspberry Gin.JPG

This variety sees our Kingswell Gin infused with fresh local raspberries when in season and only English raspberries when not. The flavours cry out for an English Summer days with friends. What this drink is not is an over sweetened Liquor, it remains a Gin.

Opening the Bottle

A big hit of Raspberry on the nose which maintains throughout the tasting but the complex Kingswell flavours ensure you are still drinking a juniper lead spicy gin.

Serve neat over ice, or as a mixer with Tonic or with Prosecco. Garnish with Raspberries or Mint

Phipps Rhubarb Gin.JPG

This seasonal variety sees our Kingswell Gin infused with home grown Rhubarb. We don’t colour or add preservatives to our Gin, its just an honest and natural infusion of carefully cropped and diced Rhubarb stalks with a little honey and lemon to spice up the drink.

Opening the Bottle

Open the bottle and simply breath in the taste of high summer in England.

Serve neat over ice for a sipping short or mix with elderflower tonic for a long drink of distinction.

Phipps Opal Gin.JPG

This dazzling drink performs tricks in front of your eyes, turning from blue to pink as the tonic hits the gin in your glass.  Next the combination of 18 botanicals burst onto your taste buds with a distinct floral flavour from the blue Thai pea flower and pink rose petals each batch is infused with.


Opening the Bottle

The nose tells you this is a floral gin but the palate tell you Opal is still a part of the Phipps spiced gin family.


Serve with citrus tonics and a slice of lemon or orange to unleash the magic.


This version sees our Kingswell Gin infused with wild Northamptonshire Sloes and honey, sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon to create our warming sipping gin full of ripen fruit. We freeze the berries to break the skins and then leave in our Kingswell Gin to rest with the extra botanicals for three to four months.

Opening the Bottle

The Nose comes across as soft cherries, almond and jammy fruit. On tasting fills the mouth with a smooth flavour of sweet ripe berries with little almond undertones and dry gin.

Serve neat over ice, simply add a generous dash to a flute of Prosecco for a Sloe Gin Fizz. Garnish blueberry