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“A pint of history in your hand”

Phipps Northampton Brewery Company has returned to its roots in a Victorian brewery in the centre of Northampton, 40 years after Phipps’ Bridge Street Brewery closed. Brewing a range of fine ales and stout, alongside our own signature Gin, Phipps NBC is once again at the heart of the county’s brewing industry.

Drop in and see the oldest new brewery in the country. The Albion Brewery Bar is open from Monday evening to Sunday lunchtime for the most characterful drinking experience in the county where customers can actually watch the beer being brewed as they drink with us.


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Albion Brewery Bar

We are open from 12 everyday for fine ales, cider, lager, wines & spirits including Kingswell Gin distilled in the brewery. Enjoy a pint in the mist of a working brewery and catch music, food and events year round.

Cask Ales

Phipps Ales are available in 18, 9 or 4.5 gallon casks to the trade or for private customers with stands and taps.  We also do 10 litre and 20 litre polypins for you to take away.  Drop us a line to find out more.

Albion Brewery Tours

Come and learn the history of the oldest, newest Brewery. Learn about our brews, and the rich legacy of the Phipps building and its impact on the region. All finished with a pint of history in the bar.

Phipps Gin

The medieaval King’s Well is still where our water is drawn from, and our rich botanic Gin is distilled onsite. With Kingswell Dry, Oak Aged and Raspberry available all year round and a seasonal offer of Rhubarb and Sloe for both trade and private customers.
Our latest gin, Opal, is now available.  This magical colour changing gin has a floral taste quite different from our other gins.

Bottled Beers

A pint of History, in a bottle! Our bottled beers are available at both the bar and by order for trade and private customers alike.



Phipps are proud to present the Northamptonshire County Beer Festival, attracting thousands of visitors to the town each summer, alongside a host of other pop up happenings throughout the year.

Good Beer Brings People Together

That’s why every one of our beers is crafted with the simple purpose of helping
people spend meaningful time with each other.

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Golden Ales

Thrupenny Bitter, 3.6%
Diamond Ale 3.7%
Midsummer Meadow 3.9%
Cobbler’s Ale 4.0%
Phipps IPA 4.3%
Gold Star 4.3%

Dark Ales

Red Star 3.8%
Becket’s Honey Ale 4.5%
Black Star 4.8%

Stouts & Brown Ales

Ratliffe’s Celebrated Stout 4.3%
Bison 4.6%

Strong Ales

Double Century 7.1%
Stingo No. 10 9.5%


Steam Roller 4.4%
Casscadia 5.0%
Green Hop


Kingswell 42%
Raspberry 40%
Oak Aged 42%
Rhubarb 42%
Sloe 42%
Opal 42%
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Brewery Tours

The Albion Brewery and its bar is open for brewery tours. Sample our wonderful range of  ales, ancient and modern, follow the brewing process and learn a few of Phipps’ secrets, then wander through the tunnels and cellars under the building, see the King’s Well where the finest water in the area has attracted brewers for centuries. Contact Sam on 01604 946606 or email for details and dates.

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