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Bottle range

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All of our 500ml bottle range is available to buy by the bottle or case of 8 in the Albion Brewery Bar

Foundry Mild, 3.5%

Midsummer Meadow, 3.9%

Phipps IPA, 4.3% 

Ratliffe's Stout, 4.3%

Becket's Honey Ale, 4.5%

Steam Roller, 4.4%

Solar Star, 4.6%

Black Star, 4.8%

Gold Star, 5.2%

Phipps IPA Flip-Top, 4.3% 500ml

This is a connoisseur's version of our IPA.

Supplied in a distinctive flip-top bottle and bottle conditioned.

Available in cases of 8

Stingo No.10, 9.5%  330ml

A fine oak-aged barley wine with a history and recipe from Phipps' early days.  Sip like a brandy to savour the complex flavours.

Available in cases of 8 or 12

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