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Bottle range

All of our 500ml bottle range is available to buy by the bottle or case of 8 in the Albion Brewery Bar

Midsummer Meadow, 3.9%

Phipps IPA, 4.3% 

Ratliffe's Stout, 4.3%

Becket's Honey Ale, 4.5%

Steam Roller, 4.4%

Solar Star, 4.6%

Black Star, 4.8%

Gold Star, 5.2%

Phipps IPA Flip-Top, 4.3% 500ml

This is a connoisseur's version of our IPA.

Supplied in a distinctive flip-top bottle and bottle conditioned.

Available in cases of 8

Stingo No.10, 9.5%  330ml

A fine oak-aged barley wine with a history and recipe from Phipps' early days.  Sip like a brandy to savour the complex flavours.

Available in cases of 8 or 12

pint bottles.jpg


To commemorate the 75th aniversary of VE day we have brought out three of the beers that saw us through WW2 in Imperial Pint bottles, complete with heritage bottle labels: NBC's best bitter Red Star, Cobblers and Diamond ales. 

Available in cases of 8 or a mixed case

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