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Stouts & Brown Ales

Ratliffe's Stout.png

This is a creamy, full bodied malty brew, satisfyingly rich with distinct caramel and coffee notes. A combination of crystal and roasted malts give the stout its deep, dark flavour topped of with a creamy, thick tan head. Unlike some stouts, it isn’t overly bitter due to careful use of traditional English hop varieties in the brewhouse. Winner of the CAMRA Winter Beer festival in Derby 2013. In WW2 Ratliffe’s Stout was sent out as a gift by Phipps to the Northamptonshire Regiment who were a part of the Desert Rats and they continued to supply the regiment as they fought through North Africa and Italy.

Bison Brown Ale.png

In the 1950s and ’60s, Bison Brown was one of Phipps’ most popular pints with its bottle version a best seller. In today’s market where beers are getting hoppier and lighter as brewers vie with each other to get more hops in your glass than ever before, many have forgotten the pleasure to be had from a smooth malty brew with a balance of flavours.

Phipps always swims against the tide of fashion, looking to our proud heritage to bring you this brown ale with the creamy texture of a stout but the hoppy character of a strong ale; the best of both worlds in one cask.

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