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Cask Ales

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Foundry Mild.jpg

Foundry Mild  3.5%

Midsummer Meadow.jpg

Midsummer Meadow  3.9%

Ratliffe's Stout.jpg

Ratliffe's Stout  4.3%


Bison Brown  4.6%

gold star.jpg

Gold Star  5.2%


Diamond Ale 3.7%


Cobblers Ale  4%

Steam Roller.jpg

Steam Roller 4.4%

Solar Star.jpg

Solar Star  4.6%

Festive Ale.jpg

Festive Ale  5.3%

Red Star.jpg

Red Star  3.8%

Phipps IPA shield.jpg

Phipps IPA  4.3%

Becket's Ale.jpg

Becket's Honey Ale  4.5%

Black Star.jpg

Black Star  4.8%

Stingo No10 8.3%.jpg

Stingo No.10  8.3%

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