Phipps is not just beer, it's a pint of history in your hand.

As well as brewing and supplying real ales and gins to Northamptonshire pubs, deli's and bottle shops we also have a brewery tap, The Albion Brewery Bar, situated in the old Phipps Brewery building at the bottom of Bridge Street.

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In June 2020 Phipps NBC  took over Woodford Halse brewery Gun Dog Ales.  We are now responsible for the production, selling and delivery of Gun Dog's award-winning range of beers, starting with Jack Spaniels.

Contact the office to order or check out the Gun Dog website for more details

Taste our Beers and Gins.


Phipps Ales are available in 4.5, 9 or 18 gallon casks to the trade or for private customers with stands and taps. We also sell 10 litre (18 pint) and 20 litre (36 pint) polypin boxes.

All of these can be ordered rack bright to serve straight away withough settling.

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